Seven needs narcissistic parents cannot provide

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The following article from Kim Saeed highlights the seven needs of healthy parenting that cannot be provided for a child in a narcissistic home.  Such deficits lead  to lasting injury and deficits, wounding deeply our capacity to develop healthy self esteem, self awareness and boundaries.    Kim’s blog is an excellent resource for healing.

22 thoughts on “Seven needs narcissistic parents cannot provide

      1. I remember a while back that you said something about joining forces, so to speak, with a bunch of other bloggers, and setting up a kind of group blog thing on the subject of helping survivors of abuse. I’m interested: do you still want to do that?

      2. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. First, ask anybody out there who’s interested, then, when we get a bunch of people, work out how to have a base to share writing from our own blogs. That will get us all more traffic individually, as well as reach more people and help them. I’m going to work soon, so I’ll post something tonight.

      3. Another thing we could do is set up a Facebook page where we can share our blog posts. Maybe we could do both the blog page and the FB page, or one or the other? What do you think?

      4. I am open to both but I am sorry I can t get onto it until next week sometime due to things going on here. I don’t like to promise then not deliver but I will hopefully be in a clearer space to do this after next week. 🙂 I was also going to ask what kind of wording we should do on a post calling for others to participate. Let me know any ideas you have.

      1. If people respond to our idea and they want to contact you, where can I connect them to you with a link? (I don’t want to add a link that will take them to a place on your page that you’ll find awkward.)

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