Bipolar Medications Can Be Dangerous

A very important post. Thank you Frazzled again for reblogging I am reblogging for those who may have missed it.

My Loud Whispers of Hope

Here is the sad truth and reality about taking medications for a mental illness. I think any long use on the exact same medication can become problematic because they wreak havoc on your entire body and most importantly your brain.

I have now taken two medications that have nearly killed me for two different reasons. The first medication that nearly killed me last year was called Trileptal, used to treat bipolar. I was on the highest dose of that medication usually prescribed for approximately eight years.

The other medication that most recently almost killed me is Clonazepam (generic name). Well known as Klonopin (brand name). I have taken Klonopin for over 20 years to help control my anxiety, hypomania and mania symptoms.

I most recently learned of the severe, possible lethal complications for using Klonipin as long and as much as I did. I learned of the dangers of Klonipin…

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6 thoughts on “Bipolar Medications Can Be Dangerous”

    1. Yes well coming off them is probably going to be problematic as well and its complex…. I just reblogged this as my sister had a suicide attempt when she was on so many meds. It was terrible what she went through all because her husband decided to leave after a time of rapid loss and change. Good luck with it. Doctors will probably have an alternative view to this.

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