Here on Earth


Here on earth

Is where things are real

Where the touch of your hand

Awoke the pain I felt

When you told me of the cancer

Here on earth

A body that feels

Perhaps longed to take flight

But the sky is not really my home

Just a place I ran to

Hoping to ease the pain

Here on earth is where the true healing happens

Where in opening our hearts to what is real

Resistance ends

Pain waits patiently

Perhaps for many years

Needing to find a home in us

A place to be felt, surrendered to, transformed

Tears you release the pain

You are not the thing to be scorned

Though others so often do

You help the healing happen

And the descent to take place

As defences are surrendered

We touch true ground

Only the defended criticise

Or tell us to rise above it all

And their criticism shows

The difficulty they have

With accepting what is most real in us

By those who find it hard to understand

What it truly means to live on earth

But you know

That here on earth is where you must live

In a body that suffers

Which has the capacity to bear

That agony which through suffering

Is finally laid to rest

Here deep on earth

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