Something pulled me away

Something pulled me away

As our ancestors were pulled

By the need to survive

By larger forces around them

And they could not know

To what fate

Now with all the pulling

All the wresting too and fro

Trying to connect, feel, understand

You perhaps feel some of these deep imprints

For this moment contains multitudes

Contains deep resonances

Echoes along the barrel of years

Spiralling along the DNA helix

Warp and weft

She has gone

You have stayed

You longed to go

Now you feel stuck

And angry

Not knowing when it will be your turn

Before you got to go

But deep down you didn’t want to go

But if you didn’t go

You would not have had other experiences

Life is tough

It is unpredictable

So much happens to us that we don’t control

And at times we fall into

And are almost swallowed up

By the deep dark crevices

Left by time and past experiences

And then we are left to wonder about it all

But in the midst of wondering

Let yourself remember

How to live

Cycling round and round again

On each new turn of the spiral

You gain some distance

And with the distance, insight

Patterns within patterns

Spirals along the cadeucus

Leading you up then down

In then out

Until you return

To a deeper centre

Where everything is known

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