Sometimes… the voices…lie

Sometimes the voices told me

“you are nothing”

and sometimes it was even worse

“not worth the waste of space”

“better if you were never born”

Who is talking

From within the shadows

of my dark interior?

Its not true

Another part of me answers

 You are a poet

And Life

And experience

Is the poetry

You dance with

Dad is that you


You said

“A Bachelor of Arts

Is not worth the paper its written on”

amongst other things

On reflection

 not everything you said

makes sense

outside the conditioning of your youth

where a struggle to survive

made you worship profit and business

And Dad

I had to find

and walk my own path

So I will not

Listen to your voice

Saying what has value

To me

Has no value

I would rather

listen to the stillness

and the poetry

that arises

dancing from within

and let myself

be empty

of judgements

absorbed from

blind and barren places


Let me become

Full of poetry

Of fire

Of light and

Of heat

Deeply centred


the heart of creation

 living free

at the heart

of a fiery rose

that speaks

with the voice

of love

of understanding

of wisdom