Speak to me

Speak to me of things you’ve felt

Of inner burdens you have carried

I will stay close by

And listen

There is no need to fear

For any single painful detail

Shame makes us deny far too much

Unearned guilt keeps so oh so

Solitary and quiet

And yet there among the loneliest of places

Spaces of love still live

If only you can learn to give to others and yourself


Deep listening

And compassion

In this way

Encouraging support

To blossom from within


Our healing does not take place in isolation

Connection, although an inward gift

Is also needed from friends

Who see deeply and acknowledge

The beauty and strength and truth

The healing wisdom

That lives in you

This affirmation is

So badly needed at times

For truly you are not broken

Only traumatized

And this wound of yours needs to assume

The right size

To be tended to with care

Not made deeper and far more painful

Through dismissal



Or neglect