Shed : Reflections on the Virgo eclipse


Dark of moon time and closer to eclipse,  we navigate the final degrees of Leo deep in the house of ancestors, imprints of the energy of Leo that died out, and the generations that came who had to sacrifice self for the group or nation that left the great weeping, sorrow and loss that went silent, like the blood that was shed and soaked into the battle fields and left that silent imprint on hearts and minds the stain of loss.

You feel this now in dark of Moon time.  Soon when the Moon draws closer to the Virgo Sun we will be reminded of the mother, this earth which gives birth to such a bounty out of itself, of the dark goddess banished many thousand of years ago, now seeking to be known again through addiction, bloodshed, more wars and ceaseless insanities of the heroic ego gone wild which splits off from mother in others and self, hostile to feeling, willing to rape and possess only to feed itself with no concern for the deeper impact on earth, feelings, sensitivity, nature and others.

Mother eclipse Virgo Moon what you say to me now in silent whispers is this.  Listen deep within, turn back to the suffering body who you so often betray, abuse and ignore, recognise it as the temple of feeling.  Move close to you animal dear ones, give them comfort, relish in their as yet unsevered connection to instinct, from which you could lean so much.   Recognise what they and the ones who live closer to earth have to teach you.

Prepare for the birth which comes in the 9th sign after 9 months of pregnancy.  This protracted labour that takes place in the dark night of the soul.  In the deep dark the pain you felt, the tears you cried were not for nothing and were not just yours but your ancestors too.  For the reality that is shown in the opposite sign is that everything is connected at an energetic level and nothing is really forgotten and it repeats until you recognise the power you have to shed and change.

The separations you create are for purposes of understanding but what is separated must once again be rejoined and wisdom comes with this reconnecting and reweaving that is a process and takes time.  There is far more going on within than meets the eye and in centring yourself in quiet meditation you will witness it in silence and understand the reason for everything and your place in the unfolding of this process.  It is not true that your life lacks meaning, it is rich with meaning.

Be a witness for love, recognise that anger is not hate but love and only those who can understand the connection between the two are capable of real love.  See where your need for others to be perfect, for yourself to be perfect wounds, see the cost to nature of this curse before it is too late.

Sabian Symbol :  10 degrees Virgo


The growth of new understanding born out of the transcendence of duality even while immersed in duality.  :  The opposites realise that they are complementary aspects of the one.  Shadows generate conflict until light dawns into the nature of conflict and the reason for conflict.  The opposites need each other and are part of the whole manifesting.