The power of our shadow

The following quote really appeals to me.  Our shadow (dark side or even repressed light side for those of us who identify with the dark) can been deeply unknown to us, we may fear it in both ourselves and others.  In this quote from John Sandford, which appears in Robert Johnson’s book Owning Your Own Shadow the power and passion of the shadow is spoken for.

We badly need the energy of our shadow side to be known and integrated so we can live closer to our true centre, from  dynamic, fully energised place of expression.  As Robert Johnson points repression of our shadow is actually a major cause of depression.

The ego is primarily engaged in its own defence and the furtherance of its own ambitions.  Everything that interferes with it must be repressed.  The repressed elements… become the shadow  Often these are basically positive qualities.

There are, in my view, two “shadows”.  (1) the dark side of the ego, which is carefully hidden from itself and which the ego will not acknowledge, unless forced to by life’s difficulties, and (2) that which has been repressed in us lest it interfere with our ego-centricity, and however devilish it may seem, is basically connected to the Self.

In a showdown God (Self) favors the shadow over the ego, for the shadow, with all of its dangerousness, is closer to the centre and more genuine.