The wound in you

The wound in you will cry out

Listen well and do not turn away

From the difficult task

Of loving yourself

Even in the most broken and scary of places

For when you face your inner division

Your broken parts can realign

When you were younger

You had no one to help you face all of this

And feel it through

So so much got buried

Into the shadow

As a child

You also became

A container

For a long maternal line of suffering

Be patient with yourself now

As you find ways to acknowledge the truth

And heal

Listen well to your body

Because your soul lives deep inside of it

Do not listen to that garbage about this body

Being only a shell

When in fact it is the most intricate and amazing

Of creations

And when in the midst of the deepest pain

You hear your soul calling to you from the earth

Seek the places it feels fed

There are rivers and oceans

Mountains and open fields that long for you

There are stars and shells and birds and flowers

Who mirror joy and love back to you

Gaze upon this place of heavenly wonder

Cherish it

Allow yourself to feel

What ever you do

Do not let your body’s wisdom be ignored

And do not turn your sight or love away

From the wound which is

Your deepest place

Of healing

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