Simple needs

Lately at times it seems we need less than we think materially. The most precious moments for me are in nature where I feel filled up on the natural beauty that the Creator just gives to us for free.

A moment ago I had someone else just ask me for help for their family on Facebook messenger. I should not accept new friends requests not from the Awakened Empath group any more. I am kind and given all of my savings I cannot keep giving in this way.. I also just want to make my life lately far more innocent and simple and with less of a need for things that are not truly necessary to my happiness even connections that are about others drawing on me to fill up..

Jasper my dog is my most precious gift. I do not even want a male partner any more..Men ask so much of me. I do not know why they think it is up to me to rescue them. Jackson claims the delivery company have also scammed him of 75,00 dollars after I blocked him last week.. I just think there are people out there who are ruthless and greedy and there are those kind souls entrapped in very difficult circumstances but I lack the power to rescue them all.

Today I seek peace.. I love poetry, nature, stars, sky, wind, touch, prayer, healthy food, peace and rest.. I am enough and I have enough I got myself in so much trouble thinking i lacked something and paying a ransom to others.

No more!!

I just want to rest in peace from here on in knowing that in any moment as long as I am truly grateful and deeply in touch with the healing power of my infinite soul, I am and always will be loved, cared for and have ENOUGH.

9 thoughts on “Simple needs

  1. deb, can we be friends on facebook? I am Shirley Healy oon there, my photo is of me with a border collie, and it says I work for friendly call, and have done early childhood studies. Hope we can connect on there! Xx

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