Some things about the highly sensitive

We feel things intensely. There is a sense we hold of being connected at a deep level even when others are not, we sense that energy of defense as a wall but its seems to be a wall inside the person that we notice when we are very young we may not understand at all. Indeed in many of our families it is we who come to feel like the outsider.

Sometimes the people around us carry all kinds of feelings and pains, that are not obvious but to our sensing and intuition and when young it may cause us pain as the feelings land on and deep inside of us and we become carriers for them. As young ones we had no defenses against this, we just absorbed the onslaught unconsciously, and if unrecognized these things alter our self concept, we make it about us (rather than working to understand what happened to us) then we can begin to develop a lowered vitality, depression or experience a desire to retreat and seek refuge in kinder places

In addition if we are shamed or mocked or devalued about the ways we sense, or relate or communicate we may tend to shut down the way of being that comes most naturally to us just to ‘fit’ in but the cost to us will be lowered energy and vitality a kind of soul loss that must be addressed later through some kind of healing crisis.

In addition we suffer a loss of power. If, as society encourages us to do, we begin to become externally referenced, in time we may end up moving further and further away from our true selves.. We may even meet actively hostile forces to our intuitive and creative selves as writer Paolo Coehlo did when he was young when his parents tried to shock him out of his desire to be a writer..

If we bury our real self and dreams and feelings and intuitions, later in life a so called breakdown may be the result but really such a thing should be called a purpositive crisis, an individuation conflict. In the absence of spiritual and emotional understanding of how our temperament differs from others, we may be diagnosed or committed to institutions or in some other way closed down in our body. Some of us suffered invasive surgeries when young that also affected us energetically for a long time into adulthood.

Many of us will turn to things like self harm, addictions to drugs and alcohol, risk taking activities and/or eating disorders in our pain.. These are only ever symptoms of our hunger for a more complete existence where we can taste the mystical or the miraculous or just come in touch with heaven of being able to live as inwardly referenced authentic beings alive and awake in deeper aspects of ourselves, that we must come into a more vibrant and free relationship with, in order to feel whole.

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