Some times my body cries

I have cried so many years

Not only my own tears

But lately the weeping is

A whole body thing

Little drops of water leaking out

There is not as much bleeding as there was


After I got so terribly spun

And came undone

On the run from a grief

I could not name

That you hated me for not

Being able to tame

Was it too much of a reminder to you?

I forgive

Believe me I do

I will no longer blame myself

And yet there is a time

After the fog clears

That we must become our own shelter

And suffer the welter of storms

That others bring into our lives

Hoping to help

But forgetting the wounds they also


Sometimes make our own

So much harder

To bear

2 thoughts on “Some times my body cries

  1. Such a lovely selfless piece, bearing others burdens is heavy, especially when it happens without my permission. Feelings just emerge. I thank God I can feel the spiritual principal of empathy, I thank God I can just feel ♥️

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