A bright dawn follows much later

On the foggy days

And its an act of trust to open our hearts

When the sun has disappeared

Where is the sun in my heart??

What made it depart from me??

There was a grief for the loss of light

And it was one impossible to name

And yet it lived like a haunted ghost inside of me

There were many tears

That also revealed so much wisdom and healing

Over all of the years

And so I am grateful for them

Sunlight dawning now

Makes all of these tears so much more

Meaningful to me

There is both light and shade

Inextricably woven into the way in which

We are made

So let us celebrate the sunlight

While remaining ever so grateful

For the rain showers

That in falling

Watered deep inside us

Fallow spaces in which hidden seeds lay

Ripe and anxious

Longing for germination

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