Being too ‘nice’ and ‘good’

Admittedly these two terms are all relative to who is deciding or projecting value judgement in life but we have astrologically experienced a big shift over the past few days with the planets Mars and Jupiter both moving from the depth unconscious watery sign of Pisces (the final in both the zodiac and the watery trilogy) into the first active, intitiating cardinal fire sign of Aries ruled by the planet Mars. So Mars is now not as debiliated as it was being in the sign of its natural rulership.

Many of us will be integrating powerful lessons around our use of power, assertion and energy in the weeks to come, especially empaths, it is something Lee Harris flagged up in his most recent monthly update. For myself I am rising earlier since the shift and seeing where my need to always help, be ‘nice’ do the ‘right’ or ‘good’ (people pleasing) thing gets me into so much hot water.. That said we live in a me first kind of society at the moment where so many people are out for what they can get and are in difficult situations due to the way governments and the ‘systemic’ energies are organised. With all of our abundance so many seem to be panicky or in extra need right now.

For me lately I have to be very mindful of where i place my energy and I notice a hell of a lot of enlightened empaths posting on this, that said at times it might be a form of hubris to claim ‘enlightenment’ after all what does that term actually mean?

Well to me Aries is about that burst of primal fire, identity or self that must rise up and about the light we need not to have dimmed in order to be true to a larger sense of Self. For many of us empaths this is not necessarily a powerful strongly secure egoic self for many of us, indeed often we were raised more on the powerless end of the narcissism/empath spectrum which meant our egos could not feel strong and often our real gifts such as empathy, spiritual attunement and sensitivity were devalued. Sadly the mainstream education system and much of our conditioning may have shut us down or even pathologised us for these many valuable qualities that we do have.

Awakening empaths such as Anita Moorjani claim that the world at the moment is making a shift from the patriarchal heroic/negatively overpowering to and devaluing of nature narcissistic end of the spectrum to a more caring, femininely centered, intuitively and spiritually oriented one (grounded in both nature and the body), one in which empathy is valued and people appreciate the fact of what we owe to older cultures who lived more embedded with nature and knew how to respect it and it cycles..

The rise of feminine power is just one part of this as its about a shifting balance between masculine and feminine ends of the polarity. In the old dying system narcissists seem to be able to rule by denigrating anything they decreed to be more lowly and primal.

I watched a recent David Letterman interview with Barak Obama last night and a lot of it concerned the civil rights movement that sparked such conflict in one of the first major protests of the black community : a march that took place from Selma to Montgomery on the 7th of March, 1965 but was initially squashed by police and state powers leading to it being both overpowered and turned back

Prompted by Martin Luther King the march resumed two days later getting as far as the Pettus bridge in Selma, befoe again being turned around by a court order.. Eventually the march began again a few weeks later on 21st of March arriving in Montgomery 4 days later on the 25th of March It is to be noted that on the 25th of March the sun has shifted from the Neptune sign of Pisces into the Mars ruled sign of Aries.. Aries carries a very different energy. . This march eventually ensured the passing of legislation to allow black Americans the right to vote.

Obama stated that he owed his presidency to these protests and whether or not you are a fan (and many are not) this tenacity of the black American’s ensured they could not longer be as disabled from their constitutional rights but as we all know the fight still had and has a very very long way to go.

I can identify with the lack of empowerment of people such as Black Africans while knowing I do not know at depth the level of injustices they do face.. Seeing what happens to our indigenous population in this country is enough to sicken any empath but luckily things are now changing with our new Prime Minister willing to finally endorse our aboriginal people’s call to change outlined in the Uluru Statement From the Heart and our first appointment of an indigenous person in the office of Minister of Indigenous Affairs.

Getting back to the more personal, lately I am seeing how I also collapsed in the past due to having no power or having to ‘keep the peace’. It has not been an easy pill to swallow at all.. But no longer criticising myself as much is helping even if those old voices telling I would be better off killing myself came back with a lot of ferocity a few days ago.

The shift of both Mars and Jupiter into the cardinal fire sign of Aries does show we are entering a new 12 year cycle.. Jupiter remains in each zodical sign for a year and Mars only for a few months at a time (with the exception of when it is moving retrograde). An entire Mars cycle of the zodiac takes about 2 years. And Mars can oppose and square the Sun which is not possible for the other personal planets Mercury and Venus.

So be prepared to take action at this time, and if not be prepared to feel like you need to have something change. Like its is not as possible as before to dim your solar light.. Mars fights for the Sun and when it is combusted or debilitated like mine is it may take years for us to rise out of dis-empowerment victim thinking but we must do it because at times it far better to be real and authentic than ‘nice’ or ‘good’.

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