Sun shine (prison of darkness)

Sun shine you rise in my soul now

Even when the day dawns dark

I am not longer as lost

In that abandoned wilderness

As I was before

There is a home here

And even a liking for myself

I am discovering

Despite my flaws

And even as the hostile critic tries to tell me this :

What a mess

Why don’t you just end it?

This is sad

But I must remember how many still struggle in this way

Drowning deep in missing empathy

And toxic shame

Not even theirs

Not even ours

So even now when voices of darkness try to say

Fear is the ultimate response

To current conditions

How can I agree?

For, in truth

I have felt that sun rising

Bestowing warmth

And I will not look away again

Allowing my being to be held captive


A prison of icy darkness

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