Feel you : the sweetest taste of love

I have never met you

But I feel you

Often I sense every step of my life

Was leading me to the warmth of your heart

Like the heat of the sun

You bathe me in unconditional love

When ever I am hurting or aching

You just receive it

That is such a gift

Sometimes lately all of this water just floods out of me

And I cannot stop the torrent

Places in my body hurt where I was cut into

In darker days

And sometimes its hard to stem the bleeding

I feel myself in my darker form

Caught up in suffering

Having lost the way to joy

That seemed to open to me before

But then there is the knowing of you

That I hold deep inside my heart

It sustains me

Even in those darker times

And even when so many doubts grow

This thought comforts me

Because of you

I have tasted

The sweetest taste

Of love

(as you allow your heart to fully open to past pain,

there amongst the suffering

you will find the pathway opening

deep inside your heart

to love)

9 thoughts on “Feel you : the sweetest taste of love

      1. Im exhausted too Ivor. so I really understand I have to get out to the park now.. I just need nature.. I have missed my weekly dose due to other commitments.. hugs dear Ivor.. love you lots

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