So much love coming at me

I have so much love coming at me at the moment it is all a bit overwhelming and as much as I know my strength needs to come from within, to have those around you loving and caring for and about you makes a huge difference. The people around you can either fill you with energy or drain you, that is what I am beginning to understand and people who are low on energy and vibration do affect us especially if we are sensitive. We may love them very very much but sometimes being around them just makes us feel anguish, doubt sadness and pain.. Its probably not the best reason to avoid someone all of the time but never the less as empaths we need good self energy awareness.

Being filled with energy and joy is so new to me but I am grateful. Its helping me a lot to read those chapters in Anita Moorjani’s latest book Sensitive is the New Strong where she talks about trusting ourselves and our intuition, reaching for those things that light you up and bring you joy, and nurturing those activities which bring you good energy, things like music, writing, time in nature, story telling, being in the sunlight, gardening, cooking, or engaging in other creative pursuits just to name a few.

There is always something we can do to raise our vibration but it also depends on us having a can do attitude and also being honest about where we may have been playing the victim or being a door mat to those who tend to bring our energy down. And even if we were damaged and hurt and victimized in the past it does not mean that this has to be our present..

Anita also emphasizes that it is not always as spiritual to forgive an abuser or someone who has hurt us deeply.. She likes to use the word, release rather than forgive which means we do not go on focusing on that person or the way they injured us but more on what we can do to let go of that past hurt, release the grip of the painful feelings and move forward making healthier choices.. This makes so much sense to me because often I have tried to forgive or try harder with those who did not ever really see me at all. And now I see sadly it was my own self concept which was bringing me down as well as allowing others perceptions to influence my own.

Too often if we were emotionally abandoned or came out of neglect that also makes us vulnerable to the wrong kind of people. There are times not to try harder but to walk away and then there are times when we need to face up and show resilience.. Only we can figure out the way through in the end.. And trusting in ourselves and our inner guidance, in my experience makes us stronger than deferring to the opinions or views of others that do not suit us. But we can only learn this through pain as well as trial and error.

Reaching for higher guidance also will help us, as there are angels and forces there wishing to help and guide us… it all just depends upon us opening that channel to listen to what may be coming through.. In 12 step parlance that relates to the 11th step :

Sought through prayer and mediation to improve our conscious contact with God (or or higher power.)

Lately the more I connect in that way the happier I start to feel and the more positive energy seems to be coming towards me and finding me.

2 thoughts on “So much love coming at me

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. Yes, positivity breeds more positive things, and learning to switch your thinking from your abusers and what they did, to yourself and what you need for yourself, makes all the difference in the world. Once I switched my thinking from “why are they doing this to me?” to “why do I feel this way?”, my world changed. It is all in the mindset for me. This past year has been amazing for me since I did that.

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