Energy of ‘love’

A beautiful, soulful post.

Self Discovery

“The energy of love is abundant, waiting to be called upon. Mindfulness helps us generate the energy to love and understanding. True love has the power to heal and bring meaning to our life.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Such truth in those words. My happiest moments are when I was loving and loved. As I am finding out, love is the most powerful energy in the world. It is love that helps bring vibrations in our body up and helps propel us in new directions and fresh adventures. Love gives us strength, courage and helps us become strong, more compassionate, and heal us.

When we do not feel love or find that our love is being taken but not given back… we see illness enter our world. Pain and so much more enter our lives that cause depressed feelings, resentment and anger, as well as we tend to shut down. Love…

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