Thank you for all of this

Thank you even for the pain and shame

It was only life

And at times it cut through me like a knife

Making me feel I may never survive

The truth is one day I will die

My soul I believe though

Is immortal

So if I had to learn all of these tough lessons

In this particular incarnation

Then perhaps it was a necessary thing

Not one to be ashamed of

There is no rule book that we are given

When we come here

As we wander on through this life

So many times

We fail or fall

Falter and stumble

At times losing our way

And yet all along

Deep inside of us hidden

Lives an inner light

A little fire

That guides us

Even when dimmed to just

A few glowing embers

We must not ever give up

In our quest to connect to it

And through all of our striving

Find the breath of spirit

Deep within us

That when used

And bestowed upon those embers

Will bring that dying fire

Back to life

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