A wary warning about social media and mainstream media.

A timely and wise post on current divisiveness.

Self Discovery

Russell Brand said it the best yesterday on his: Reacts to Will Smith Slap video. Is it okay to slap someone on mainstream media? It was a reaction that caused quite an uproar in the who is for Will and who is for Chris debate. Again, are we seeing another way to cause us to divide and jump on the division train?

As Russell said it, the Brokenness of the our sociaty is starting to show wear and tear. The world is falling apart and we are falling apart with it. It is showing that the world can not keep up with all that is going on and people are starting to see that in the little things going on. Even in a oscar show. Why the hell are we having oscars anyways? It is the unreality of this narative of this world right now. To have people we like…

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