Mystical, spiritual awakening Pisces New Moon astrology

Fear and lack may be the shadow side of Pisces sadly but there is also a lot of understanding opening up from deep within with this next new Moon.. possibly insights into how we keep ourselves separate at times.

Sandeep Virdi

The Pisces new moon 12° on 3rd March at 4:36am activates a deeper resonance with Spirit. The glyph of Pisces is two fish swimming opposite and above each other, symbolising two sides of this energy. In turn we respond to this energy at the level we’re willing to open our minds and hearts. The moon conjuncts the Sun and Jupiter making this a monumental divine connection of our hearts, Soul and spirit.

Pisces is a powerful sign of spiritual creativity. Unlike Leo, the sign of Self creativity, Pisces has a dimensional, universal and unconditional lens. Each sign has a high or low octave and depending on our personal conscious journey we respond to these energies within our capacity subconsciously. On a high octave Pisces can feel like an injection of pure love, felt blissfully throughout every atom in our body, where the feeling of love becomes a sacred personal…

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