Without fear

You cannot touch me now

Unless I say so

You cannot hurt me any more

With your carelessness

Do not tell me that these wounds

Should not hurt

Let me trust the hurting

As a divine path

That lead me to the truth

Of what happened to me

But even as it happened

A part of my soul remained free

And that is why in dreams I flew

So far away from you

But taking flight sometimes is not right

Some times to have a heart of courage

You must stay and ground and fight

Speaking for your truth

Even as they try to discredit derail

Or confuse you

Remember only this

Deep inside your core

Your soul knows the truth of what happened

Not only to you

But like a long and tangled curse repeating

So trust in what your body says

Drawing close to the soul

Do not be lead astray by their confusing ways

Know this

You have the strength to walk on earth

And defeat this curse

Not by running and hiding

But my standing your ground

Facing up

And letting the truth be known

Expressed and embodied

Without fear

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