Bloody dentist

I had to have a simple check up on my denture today but they make me take this toxic fluid into my mouth at that dentist each time and it immediately started to send my mouth and chest and guts haywire.. Someone on the Ascension Symptoms page on Facebook said that flouride is apparently toxic to the pineal gland, I am not sure what is in this stuff but I came home feeling nauseous after doing so much work to set myself right this week. I have to battle on but my chest hurts..

I really cannot stand medical intervention.. I am so grateful I faced up to getting this latest stuff done as much as I think it was a fools game due to the ways its thrown me around since the 21st of December but at least I faced up and did not avoid it.. I do not have to go back for one year so that is a good thing.. In that time I am hopeful I can set myself right again.

Feeling nauseasted, need to eat, luckily Jasper only seems to want to sleep today so I got let off the morning ‘walkie’ as my dear friend Ivor calls it.. this is just a me venting post.. Its what I do it helps to move this shit out of my system as it really is sending my digestion haywire today, god I hate the bloody dentist! (actually my dentist is a lovely sweet lady who tries to help others, I maybe should have called this bloody dental mouth flouride treatment!)

25 thoughts on “Bloody dentist

      1. For me it’s the helpless feeling of sitting on a dentist’s chair, with my mouth wide. What I found funny is how some dentists like to have a small talks with the patients.

      2. Ha ha ha, my dental assistant is young millennial. She can’t stop talking and it’s just a one way conversation… if I try to non-verbally respond after listening to her blabber for 10 minutes straight, she asks me to stay still. 🙄🙄

      1. Thank you so much, Kuz you didn’t have to do what you did Go bless you and please share the campaign with family and friends

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