Turning hatred and hurt into love : some reflections on abuse and wounding

Coming to terms with the hurt we carry is a process, as it the search to turn the feelings in a positive life affirming direction.. I wrote this a while ago but it still speaks to the journey of holding and healing the wounded self.

Emerging From The Dark Night

What is it that makes some people able to let go of very painful things that hurt them? What is the special ingredient that lets us ‘move on’ even as we realise the past can never be changed and it hurt like hell? What inside of us helps us to accept the complex paradox of human good and evil? Is it not a kind of love? And how to describe that sort of love that enables us to enlarge to encompass an acceptance even of what was deeply painful, toxic hurtful to us?

These are questions many in addiction recovery ask and try to answer, we look for our part in things, even if it was our existence which hurt someone somehow, not to see that we ’caused’ it, only to see that we were a contributing factor for awakening someone else’s ire or resentment.

My Mum never really made…

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