Step 4: Truth – Make a Fearless Moral Written Inventory

A very insightful post by someone doing the hard work of recovery.

Press Forward

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been working on step 4. I’ve done one complete cycle of the Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints since first learning about it over 12 years ago. I’ve restarted the Program several times, but tend to get stuck on step 4.


This is the longest period of time I’ve experienced a form of sobriety from all things in 20 years, including self-abusive patterns. When I emotionally self-abuse, I easily choose to slide back to the way that leads me to temporal/physical self-abusive patterns.I neglect my needs whether temporal, spiritual, or emotional. I used to physically harm my body, especially during the ages of 15-17. Now, when I self-abuse, it’s in a verbal/emotional form.

I look in the mirror and listen to the thoughts picking apart my body, my looks, and who I am as a…

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