a people in flight

a people in flight

like a restless flock of demented seagulls

we remain trapped in

fear or fight or fight

and then there are those

who become unable to sustain

this manic rhythm

whose prism of being becomes

fractured and splinterred

due to the terrible schism

that drives them on and on

to breakdown

peace is seeking us

will we try to listen?

there is pain we carry

that our minds will not allow

there is a darkness we carry

we are terrified to be consumed by

but inside of that place

a little child is crying out

a child that knows the animal and natural powers

need its attention, love and wisdom

so if in time you fall

into this place

please find a way to embrace it

for most truly

it is the healing place

of your body and soul redemption

and finding liberation

will only come

by turning within

attuning to inner wisdom

discovering the fire that holds the almost

extinguished light still burning

using it to clear your vision

bridging the gaping schisms

and correcting the blindness

mankind has sadly chosen

to sanctify

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