So lovely to me

I have such a beautiful dentist even when I got angry about the denture hurting on Tuesday she didn’t get angry too or threaten not to treat me any more. And the pain made me ask for help rather than just suck it up as I may have done in the past out of fear.

Today when I went back she did all she could to fix it and I ended up having the best chat to her assistant about fear of dogs which is so interesting she is from Madedonia and was bitten by a dog at a young age carrying home mince from the shops by one of the many feral street dogs. Her young daughter wants a dog but this will mean she needs to face her fear..

When I broke down in tears my dentist was so kind and gentle she just said to me “I feel like giving you a hug right now” how soft and lovely of her? And that made me cry even more. But moreso I am grateful and my body started to unbind there in the chair even as I struggled to breathe as they moved the chair backwards into a reclining position.

The denture still hurts a little but it’s due to the change and it is bearable but what meant more was the gentleness and kindness. It made me realize a lot of people are kind and good and will do what they can to help. Maybe this is going to help me relax more, trust more, have faith more than I ever could or did in the past. And I was able to ask too and protest about something that was hurting… that was a big step for me.

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