The Things You Regret – The Inactive Form of Love

This addresses the very important issue of the lack of love as a foundation in many lives that has such painful consequences.  In the end it is how well we were loved and loved that is what truly matters.

Dominick D. Hankle PhD

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I teach a course in multicultural psychology. It’s one of my favorite courses to teach. I marvel at the diversity of the human person but also that within that diversity there’s so much we share in common. I know it’s an overused analogy, but what a beautiful bouquet of flowers the human race is. I can only imagine God created it that way so he may “Delight in us” as the scriptures say. In the midst of this diversity I’ve come to marvel at one way we’re all the same and that’s how we view regrets. Studies in multicultural psychology demonstrate regardless of culture people regret the things they’ve never done more than what they have done, even if what they’ve done resulted in mistakes.

In more specific terms, psychologists study something called “Counterfactual thinking.” Counterfactual thinking is a hypothetical belief about your past…

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One thought on “The Things You Regret – The Inactive Form of Love

  1. Makes sense to me. Hope life is being good to you my friend and life is getting more normal, whatever that means today. Sending you love and blessings in prayers. Love you, Joni

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