A storm rolling on through

Nature is in flow

It lets things rise and fall

It is not screaming against its fate

It knows that in time all that exists

Comes to rest or pass

As nothing created lasts for ever

In a similar form

When the sun is out it shines

When rain is about it falls

When the wind is active it blows

And it blows on through

I am waiting on nature

I am listening to nature

I am being with nature

Immersing myself in nature

What more healing thing could there be

Than to witness this intensity of green

Grow deeper with

Each passing storm?

As we feel the healing freshness of rain

Charge the atmosphere with

Living vibrant soulful energy

It was lovely to see the Sun

But is has gone again

This alternation of sun and cloud

With wind and rain

Is just life

Revealing to us the unfolding

Of each living thing

Through its seasons

The present moment is so very special

When the space is cleared by anger and grief

I am relishing in it




These days

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