unbreakable connection

Sometimes a wave of grief

Will break through these closed curtains of my mind

When I find myself surprised

By a memory of your tenderness

Or ways in which you

Thought to show love

And even as I so often

Sensed your being turn away from me

Deep in my heart I know you loved me

In your way

There is a holding on I sometimes do

Out of the fear of what I may have to face

As I let go of these temporal reminders

That are anything but


Speaking more to me about the eternity

Of family bonds

So even as you hurt me

Still my soul longed for you

And for tenderness

So now if the wave of this grief

And all of these tears remind me

Surprising me

As I feel this current distance

Between the two us left

This burst of love

Summoned up from deep within will

Remind me

Of our soul’s

Unbreakable connection

8 thoughts on “unbreakable connection

      1. You’re most welcome, my friend. Well, our mutual adoration for each other’s work is quite lovely and meaningful. I definitely know they were true emotions. Experience really does shine through when we’ve experienced both deep pain and joy. This I could see and feel in your poem. Have a lovely rest of your week.

  1. Oh my goodness, this is a beautiful writing. I found myself thinking of many types of connections we have in this lifetime. Relationship comes in so many forms and your writing stirs many thoughts and emotions on this, which I think all good writing does. ❤

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