The ground of yourself

Remain rooted in the ground of yourself

Even as all of these waves of feeling

Rise and crest and break

Carrying you towards

An understanding

Of how undeniable the forces of change

Can be to life

Still amidst all of this change

There is a ground within you

That is unchanging

That partakes of the Universe

There is a root within you

That connects you to

Your Universal Source

At one

And yet set apart at times

By our ego

We lose the way to this sense of

Our implicit value

Our underlying interconnection

Breathe into your body

Feel there deep inside

Your attunement to the stars

For you are a being of light

Who society often denies

The way to truth

But if you trust yourself

And anchor yourself within

Finding means to stay connected

To the foundational root

You will find all of the love you ever needed

As well as the unending proof

Of your soul’s eternal

Spiritual connection

4 thoughts on “The ground of yourself

  1. A truly magical poem Deb…our spiritual connection with the universe through the roots of the ground within our souls is so important to nurturing our personal well being …. and Ironically I am writing a piece along those lines/thoughts at the moment ..

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