There is an echo here

It speaks your name

Familiar in its candesence

As I sense it rise and fall

My soul rides the tide of feeling

That pulses

With the longing I felt

To be close to you

When you withdrew

If felt as if the Sun was gone

How would I ever find the courage

To live on

Without you?

And so my longing for you made me become

A ghost

And the haunting of that

I carried so deeply and quietly within

Until it became

My wreckage

Now I see

There was

A necessary abyss I had to fall into

To find the way

To myself

You were part of the body that held me

As a child

And when you disappeared

I became an ethereal thing

But my body in all of its suffering

Called me home

So often

With only these echoes

I tried to silence

Until the buried scream became


And there was no way

To run

From the fire

Of my becoming

So if I burned

Now I know

The heat was necessary

When you finally left

Some aspect of me was finally freed

Even if it has taken 7 long years

To understand it all

So now I draw close to these echoes

At night and in the quietest moments

They bring me comfort

For in time I have no doubt

You and I will

See each other

And sing together


Understanding why

Our earthly lives


Exactly as they did

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