A new beginning

I will go down to the ocean

I will board my boat

A boat that can carry me far from here

Far from this dark shore of suffering

There is now a way to be free

From all of the demons I witnessed

That then began to migrate

And live deep down inside of me

This heavy burden of shame

That made me feel I had done nothing

With my life

Not true at all

There is a rest now that wants

A chance to be

There is a softening

I need to embrace

Harsh realities I need to replace

With tender seeds of hope

Some say this earth is doomed

But is it possible we could undergo

A renewal?

Will it all end in ice

Or fire?

Well the truth my friend

Is I have known both

But I prefer to belive

What ever its end

Will bring

In time

From out of these germinating seeds

A new beginning

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