Hard to believe but true : how narcs sniff out your wounding and poor boundaries


If you are the type of person who steps in to fix things for people, such as bailing them out of trouble, taking care of their fines for them, making phone calls or paying bills for them or helping sort out their court cases or other issues then this delights a narcissist. It means that they can act like a narcissist, only caring about feeding their ego, their False Self, without the boring necessities of life that they often believe are beneath them.

This is your remedy … letting go of your harsh self expectations and being hard on yourself, and instead, learning to be self-loving, kind and nurturing so that you will never again accept a level of love less than your level of love for yourself. Your important relationships are going to reflect that kindness and that care. You won’t accept anything else when you treat yourself that way.

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