Christmas 1985

I was reflecting on the subject of terminations a few nights ago.. I thought of how it can be a wise choice not to bring a baby to term we did not have the loving resources to give.
I cried a lot reading a chapter in Lorna Byrne’s Angels In My Hair sometime last year where she received guidance from the angels the babies terminated know and accept it as part of their soul journey. .According to Lorna they stay close to the mother in spirit.
I came across this post today.. As part of my healing after getting sober I began to deal with the grief over all of my 6 terminated pregnancies writing a letter to each soul and naming each one.. The one shared about in this reblogged post was one of the most painful close to the 1st anniversary of losing my Dad…
I hope one day the shame and stigma surrounding this difficult topic is lessened.. we have made steps in that direction, but there are still those who love to demonize those of us who had to make such difficult and painful choices.

Emerging From The Dark Night

As Christmas 1985 drew near she was feeling more and more lonely, left behind in Switzerland by her friends who had jobs to go back to in the UK, she found a job working for cash in hand through a drinking buddy they had met on the Greek Islands and moved into to live with her in Lausanne for that winter.

That Christmas was the first anniversary of her father’s death, as it loomed how could she have been conscious of the forces driving her into the arms of a man one night when drunk who she didn’t know was in love with someone else.   It was with sadness and shock weeks later in that cold February that she found out she was once again pregnant and then the accusations came from her friends flatmate, saying she was lying about the truth of the father.

It was decided that…

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