Dreaming us

I dreamed of you

It was a mellow waking dream

The sewing together in imagination

And memory

Of the torn apart scattered fragments

Of our spiritual and earthly life

And then holding my self close

In love

Some gentle soft tears fell

Onto my pillow

I loved you then

But not in the way you needed

I love you still

For love like this does not end

With the tearing

Indeed it lives on

With each laboured breath

Each slowing heart beat

Even if in our physical life

Nothing much remains

To show of

The deepest ways

In which

It changed us

16 thoughts on “Dreaming us

      1. I notice there is a biography of him on Netflix Ivor.,, I am only familar with some of his songs, sadly, but I would actually like to see those lyrics written down as poem.. there is just so so much in that particular song.. I think the first song of his I found out was written by him was performed my K D Lang on an album of covers.. Bird On a Wire. then I found out he wrote Suzanne and that takes me right back to when my older sister was alive.. I guess some artists just get a grip on your soul and wont let go.. thanks for sharing him with me.. โค

      2. I’d recommend “The Flame”.. it’s a fabulous collection of poems, notebooks, lyrics, and his drawings, and it’s also his final book …

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