An insightful and important post.. with great tips into what a trauma conscious society could do to make this life more compassionate and connected for those with adverse childhood experiences and other trauma.

Born in Providence

Or, is being trauma-informed the essence of enlightened Love, which is what some of us call God?

But first, a little context. Back in the late 90’s two white, male doctors conducted a study out of Kaiser-Permanete and essentially discovered an irrefutable link between childhood adversity and adult health outcomes. The study, Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACE’s, has now become the largest public health study of its kind. As a result of this study, along with several other studies conducted over the last 50 years on PTSD in veterans and later, children and civilian adults, a treatment approach called trauma-informed care has emerged and continues to evolve. Essentially, to be trauma-informed means understanding all human behavior through a lens of compassionate awareness about the lifelong effects of our individual and collective adversities. This includes abuse we experienced in childhood, inter generational traumas like genocide, oppression, discrimination and war. I suppose…

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