Pandemic Collective Grief: Cultivating Kindness Amid Uncertainty and Loss

Beautiful. .great wisdom here for tough times..

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The world is collectively grieving. All of us, over the past year, have lost time and a sense of control in our own lives due to the ongoing global pandemic caused by Covid-19. Some of us have experienced the loss of loved ones and/or the loss of personal health and well-being. Many are struggling with anxiety and depression for the first time. The global community is collectively grieving and many are coping with these challenges in the best way that they can.

Grief presents itself in a variety of ways from anger and denial to bargaining and depression. The world is hurting and the loss of control is leading some to lash out, while others retreat in isolation. These are difficult days for many of us.

The on-going uncertainty relating to recent surges, as well as the mandating of vaccines, are ramping up division…

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