Why we run

Maybe we run

To find a way to cope with

Scary unbearable feeling

To find a way to keep living

Even as the flood of all we had no power over

Threatens to overtake

And dissolve us

Maybe it so hard for us to sit still

Because we are not at all familiar

With how it may be

To fully enter our hearts

To see how we got so set apart’

From human embraces, connection and protection

This morning my spiritual child

Told me of all she longed to give

When she first entered this world

As a being of light

She told me of the pain of seeing how human beings

So often became

Unavailable and splintered

After that vision and the tears that flooded my heart

I finally saw how far apart from love

I was sent

And then it was for the milllionth time

Hard to breathe

Almost as if the energy of loving

Wanted to enter my heart and body

But became too much for one single being

To contain

And then I thought of the Lion’s gate

And of how this fire might destroy so much

Was it why you sent me away

Deeper and deeper into loneliness

Fracture, isolation and shame?

Some days these visions just become to painful

To contain

Glimpsing the division between what is possible

And what we create

From deep within human limitations

Maybe that is why so often

All we humans can seem to do

Is run

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