Why People don’t Talk about their Trauma

Why trauma so often feels so impossible to talk about.. Great awareness and advice in this post..

Don't Lose Hope

There are things that nobody talks about.

There are things that are absolutely taboo.

So when you experience these things yourself, you feel isolated. Completely alone. Judged. Ostracized. Abandoned in your pain.

And that is a terrible place to be.

Here’s how you feel when this happens to you

– You feel as if you’re tarnished even though you’re innocent. You feel like you’re an outcast, that you’ve been stigmatized.

– You feel extremely vulnerable. Your world has been exposed. There’s nothing that’s a secret. You’ve lost your privacy.

– You feel that you’ve been talked about, and you’ve been judged and blamed. Some people will attack you, and call you hurtful names.

– You feel that other people think you’re worth much less than them. You feel their eyes upon you, and their eyes are harsh and cold.

– You feel you must be silent for no-one wants to…

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