There are some things

That we instinctively know are just not right

Hurts we struggle with

Violations of a boundary that was meant

To shield our body heart and soul

Keeping us safe and protected

Inside emotional skin

And in this world at times the hidden pain

That makes its presence felt

Tends to lose its true name

And then forces invested in denying the truth

Try to lead us astray

From what our gut knows

From what implicit memory remembers

From what our minds may have blocked

To protect our hearts

When you were a young child

You did not have the power to choose

What happened to you

And even if you were told

This is for your own good

Who really has that right?

For sometimes tormentors just lie

To cover the truth

And sometimes their own inner pain

Is so covered over by defenses of steel

That it no longer becomes a real felt thing

And then it is these tortured souls

Must just enact it vicariously

All the while feeding on the joy

Of seeing the innocent being they were

Projected upon you

Suffer as they did

So no matter how much

They try to cover their tracks

Or turn you against your self

Such abuse

Is not something you ever attracted

Or chose

For it was always

A young child’s right

To be cherished

To be kept safe

To be nurtured

And to be protected

4 thoughts on “protected?

  1. Brilliant Dark Night

    so raw and rugged cut’s like a knife to reveal the open wounds how can you embrace life when your coasting by letting the moments and experiences subside pass you”


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