Wild wind

There was a wild wind in your hair

As you tripped the light fantastic

And danced without a care

Feeling the spirit of joy move through you

Impossible to think of the days

The petrifying gaze

Of the witch

Froze you

But was it even that

Why project the fear of God into you

Like a poison arrow

For if God is dreaming then surely

She dreamt you and I

In all of our perfection

Into existence

So how could anything the creator made

Be the birthplace of sin and ruin?

Strange to think of the way this darkness

Weighted down so heavily

The souls of butterflies

And yet

Even as we retreated into these cocoons

The urgent song of our soul could not be

Completely silenced

Our hidden fire

Associated with shame


So dance now

Women of gold

And let your wild imagination dream

Feel the fire move through you

And never ever again allow your body and soul

To become a slave

Shackled by fear

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