Longed for love

Your inner child is divine

And it always knew the ways of love

Even when love was absent

That is why it hurt

That is why it grieved

And this is why it lost the way

To home

When it came to believe

His or her soul

Was not made of love

Worthy of love

Capable of loving

There was so much that our parents suffered

Being born when they were

Some of them never got to be and play

And laugh and long

And be emotionally brave

Or be held and known and loved and cherished

And deeply comforted in their pain

Many of them were brutalized

But never could fully realize

The full expanse and depth of it

But you can now

Do your healing work

Open the door on your vulnerability

And as you rage

Reclaim your lost power

For the part of you that is most precious

Is most closely linked to both

Your heart and soul

Those parts of your inner being

The child in you

So naturally can connect to

Do not live in punishment

For one more single day

Shaming the small child in you

Who longed for love

But oh so often

Lost the way to love

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