Wisdom of silence

Maybe the silence has more to say

About the truth of things

Than a thousand words

When your soul is lost

How can I find it hidden inside of you

Through words

So maybe instead

In the growing silence of dusk

Instead my soul will draw close to yours

As I concentrate on sending you love

A thousand things went wrong between you

And others

Sometimes I sense there shape

But I will never fully understand

The breadth and depth and expanse of it

There are those I miss

Who were once so much a part of our lives

And these connections have now

Fallen into silence

And yet they were also part of our soul tapestry

Maybe the silence has an honesty

That is denied to us by speech

And maybe the inner heart of our soul

When deeply attuned

Knows more than is obscured from our minds

So often divided

So it is in the silence now that I seek my peace

Knowing every connection had a reason

As painful as it was

As healing as it was

As confusing as it was

5 thoughts on “Wisdom of silence

  1. “Maybe the silence has an honesty
    That is denied to us by speech”
    – love this powerful line. 💕

  2. Silence denying
    all questions’ lament.

    Silence denying
    all answers well-meant.

    Silence if empty
    through life-forces vent.

    Silence is golden
    when love is well spent Xxx

      1. I’m still learning to take the power out of silence being used as a weapon. The self-love component is still developing slowly.

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