I long for my peace

When troubles intervene

And there seem to have been so many troubles

Sometimes I find it hard to breathe

Figuring out how to help

And is it even my job

Yet our deepest need as human beings

Is to connect

In caring, meaningful ways

When I am with you and you are numb

It is so hard

All of this emotion just pours out of me

As with a shut down face and bodu

You ask me what it is all about

See the thing I wonder a lot lately is

When did you make the final sacrifice

When did you decide you preferred



Distance from others and yourself

Over emotions and connection

Over taking down the mask?

For me sometimes I should have hid

How I really felt from you

When you reacted so cruelly

So what has happened to that anger now

It sometimes make me sick

Being close to you

There really is not a lot I can do

If you will not start

Loving and caring for your true self

Maybe she is going to stay buried

For the rest of your life

But I sometimes cannot breathe

Underneath all of the numb

You bring to my life

7 thoughts on “Buried

  1. It’s always hard, to, distance our selves, from what we’re used to, but, severing our selves away from all of that, is the very first step toward our own freedom from being controlled by others.

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