Love yourself

One day you will learn

What it means

To love yourself

One day all of your broken pieces

Will become whole

Like a kaleidoscope

That views the pain

As a drowning moon

Then your tears will dissolve

So many illusions

As you see that deep confusion

Was just a measure

Of your soul’s distance

From your true self

One day you will finally see

That to set yourself free

You must give up the betrayal

There was never anything outside of you

That could make you whole

All that was needed

Was to recognize the truth of your soul

And find a way to unify again

All that over time

Life and living

And years and years

Of false conditioning

Severed you from

5 thoughts on “Love yourself

  1. Coming full circle, finally knowing, and, accepting what had, happened to us, as young children, that none of it was, our, faults, this will, take, an, entire, lifetime, to, achieve…

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