Tearing down barricades

An older poem on the need to let go in grief.

Emerging From The Dark Night


Some people find it so hard

To cry

To surrender to that flood

To let themselves be carried

And yes, to even

Drown for a while in their sadness

They hold their bodies tight

And their lips tighter

Reining in feelings

As if they were wild horses

That best be restrained

Lest they run amok

Crushing all the china ware

Tearing down barricades

Leaving a wrekage that cuts their soul to ribbons

On broken shards

But some of us

We have learned

Through harsh experience

How important it is

To do our grieving well

Knowing it is the price of love

And the act of coming undone

Leads not to death

But to renewal over time

We may have feared before

That if we truly opened our hearts

The explosion would decimate everytbing

Rather than just set free

That crowd of wild horses

That just longs to stampede

Needs to…

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