Blue lion

A blue lion lived inside your heart

At times he kept you apart from others

Who sensed the heat of the fire

And made you feel that desire you carried

Spelt danger

But there was a light you could not put out

Just as there was a deep sadness that fell

As you lost the way to that inner Sun

So if it is that you came undone

And felt the wounds of sharp pieces going deeply in

Beneath your skin

On that spring September day

Your car went astray

Smashing itself into the telegraph pole

Tearing open emotional and spiritual flesh

Then perhaps there needed to be

A time for raging and running

And lying in the deep dark forest

All alone

While dreams of broken home

Cried to you

There will be a time when

A vision comes again

Of your child self with the lion

And then your heart will burn

With an inextinguishable fire

As you return to everything they made you fear

And then you will come to know

Without a doubt

The cost of betraying your soul

Is to wander in haunted emptiness

For years and years and years

Until you find the source of the underground spring

Drinking deeply and surrendering


While deep inside

Your buried power grows

Find your roar

You are not alone

For all of the spirit world is feeling you

Aching for you

Praying for you

To inwardly rise

Soul freed inside

These burning fires of

The blue lion’s

Growing authenticity

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