What is trauma?

An important post on trauma and traumatic reactions.

Riddle Me This

Do you feel intense rage or sadness in situations that do not seem to justify such extreme reactions? Do you often feel deeply vulnerable, as if your whole skin has been peeled off and even the slightest touch can provoke a lot of pain? Do you feel helpless, stuck, captive in situations or relationships? Do you often feel numb or disconnected from the others and from your own emotions?

These are all trauma symptoms.

Trauma is not just something that happens to kids that who been abandoned or sexually abused, or to adults experiencing the horrors of war. It can also stem from different forms of neglect and emotional deprivation, or from more subtle forms of abuse that may not involve shouting or physical scars.

Lately I’ve been interested in knowing more about trauma and how to deal with it. There is a growing literature on the subject, from people…

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