infinite healing hands of love

let me remember

that even when our earthly paths diverge

you and I are still connected

soul to soul

sometimes when I am waking

I see things with such stark clarity

before the veils come down again

that divide husband from wife

sister from brother

and lover from lover

you who joined with me

for even the shortest time on earth

are part of my path

and I am part of yours

and there are some souls

we keep meeting over and over and over again

it is not up to anyone to divine the warp and weft

of this magnificent tapestry of souls

and yet

when we can respect this

it makes all of our living

all of our loving

all of our aching in life

somehow easier to bear

as we realize that no matter how far we fell

all of the time our souls were being held

but the infinite healing hands

of love

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